Mentoring Overview and Guidelines

Watch this video to find out what a mentor is…

Mentoring at Valor Ministries is designed to improve our client’s self-esteem, social competence, ability to avoid problem/high-risk behaviors, and to help them reach their fullest potential by establishing a positive relationship with a caring friend.  It is NOT meant to be a substitute for counseling or treatment for psychiatric problems or suicidal ideation.  No assumption of responsibility is made, or given, and the client agrees not to hold Valor Ministries, its board of directors, staff, or volunteers responsible or liable in any form or fashion, for such actions taken of their own accord. The method and process by which guidance and direction are given in no way would constitute an agreement or liability on the part of Valor Ministries and is acknowledged to be different in many ways than a one-on-one clinical or psychological counseling process.

The client agrees that involvement in Valor Ministries’ Mentor Program is entirely at the client’s own risk.  Any actions or lack of actions, taken by the client during their participation is done so by choice and is the responsibility of the client.  It is not the responsibility or liability of Valor Ministries, its board of directors, staff, or volunteers.

What to Expect: Your initial mentoring session will be for evaluation purposes and helps both the client and mentor evaluate whether or not continued mentoring will be the best course of action to meet your needs and achieve your goals.  Because time is very valuable to all parties, it is important that you attend your scheduled appointments, barring unforeseen circumstances.  If you find that you are unable to attend a particular session, please notify your mentor at least 24 hours before your session.  Please Note: Valor Ministries generally has a waiting list for those who desire mentoring. As a result, if you do not notify your mentor of an absence for two consecutive appointments, you will be considered as no longer committed to the program.  Your mentor will be reassigned and you will be placed at the end of the waiting list for future sessions.

Confidentiality Agreement:   When you request or receive services from Valor Ministries we will collect information about you and enter it into a community resource database. This helps us to track your information and gives us an understanding of your needs so we can provide you better services and referral points within the community. By sharing your information with other community agencies and partners, we can help identify other programs and services you may be eligible for.

IMPORTANT: There are several situations that, by law, we are required to report to the appropriate authorities.  They are:

Adult and Domestic Abuse: If we have reasonable cause to believe that an adult is in need of protective services (regarding abuse, neglect, exploitation or abandonment), we may report such to the local agency which provides protective services.

Serious Threat to Health or Safety: If you express a serious threat, or intent to kill or seriously injure yourself, or others, we must take reasonable measures to prevent harm if we determine that you are likely to carry out the threat. Reasonable measures include contacting local police and/or directly advising the potential victim of the threat or intent.

Child Abuse: If we have reasonable cause to suspect abuse of children, we are required by law to report this to the Department of Social Services.

Consent/Release of Information Authorization:   The client gives permission for Valor Ministries to release any pertinent information to any other public or private service agency or individual that may assist them in receiving resources, guidance and other benefits to help meet their current need.

Client also agrees to release the staff and volunteers from Valor Ministries from any and all liability arising out of or connected with the services provided by them.

If you are looking for help to achieve your short and long term goals, or just need a friend to talk to, please contact us by calling 240-329-9387 or emailing to obtain an application and arrange for an appointment. Various days and times available.   Mentor application below.  Once completed, you can email, fax, mail or hand-deliver the application.  Once we receive it, we will review the application and one of our staff members will contact you to arrange your first appointment.