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Headshots Lori Wriston July 2015 Headshot Sharon Hawkins July 2015 Headshot Bill Gaertner 1
Lori Wriston
Executive Director
Email: lori.wriston@thevalorcenter.org
“I serve at Valor because I have a heart to help hurting people.  I hate seeing families destroyed by poor choices or negative circumstances and I want to do everything I can to help restore them to wholeness.  My role at Valor is to provide spiritual direction and oversight to the team as well as manage the administrative and fiscal affairs of the organization.”
Sharon Hawkins
Program Support Manager
Email: sharon.hawkins@thevalorcenter.org
“I came to the ministry through the HUB NETwork as I entered my role as Executive Director utilizing donated office space at Valor. As time went on, I began to see the Grace of God and feel His presence throughout the facility. Their philosophy met with mine in that teaching people to improve their lives and not depend on handouts is part of my Christian belief. I believe teaching our clients life skills based on biblical principles not only brings them to self-sufficiency but also opens the door for Christ to enter their lives.”
Bill Gaertner
Gatekeepers Executive Director
Email: bill.gaertner@gatekeepersmd.org
“I volunteer with Gatekeepers because of a dream God placed in my heart.  Being an ex-offender myself, I realized the only way I could make positive and lasting change was to build a new life on a solid foundation. That started with a rebirth of my spiritual life, and then branched out to include the virtues of honesty, simplicity, loving others, and sobriety.  I soon realized that dream was not just for me, but for everyone looking to make a fresh start.  I’ve been given a second chance to become a relevant and productive role model for ex-offenders in a way I never could have imagined.  By not focusing on my past, I now spend my time examining myself to make sure that my life reflects the Godly character, integrity, and purpose that will sustain me in my efforts.”
Headshot Shannon M July 2015 Headshot Jamie Johnson
Shannon McCullough
Client Navigator
Email: shannon.mccullough@thevalorcenter.org

“During my research on services for those in need in Washington County, I met with Sharon Hawkins at Valor Ministries. She then invited me to volunteer and join the team, which is the most inspiring group of people I have ever worked with. Serving at Valor is a privilege that allows me to participate in enhancing the lives of people in crisis.”
Melody McKee
Data Entry Specialist
Email: melody.mckee@thevalorcenter.org
“I truly believe God led me to Valor.  I thoroughly enjoy my job and I love to interact with the people who come through our doors.  Valor is Jesus’ hands and feet on this earth, reaching out to help the lost and hurting.  I count myself blessed to be part of the team!”
Jamie Johnson
Case Manager/DWC Program Coordinator
Email: jamie.johnson@thevalorcenter.org

“I serve at Valor as a way to actually work with people in need.  Working within my church’s outreach program did not put me in touch with those who were really in need because we were too far removed from the folks who needed our help.  I feel I have been blessed with many opportunities in life and I want to be able to let others see in me the possibilities that they may also achieve.”
Headshot Mark Appenzellar July 2015
Monkia Lewis
HR Coach
Email: monkia.lewis@thevalorcenter.org

“Building thriving communities is my passion and Valor reflects this passion. My life’s mission is to transform ordinary organizations into extraordinary success stories.  I understand what it takes to increase engagement, develop leaders, train staff, and create policies and procedures which can transform an organization with positive results.  I focus on motivating and empowering those around me with effective listening and providing a high level of engagement
.  Being a part of the team allows me to use biblical principles to teach people how to be effective leaders in all areas of life. ”
Mark Appenzellar
Compliance Manager
Email: mark.appanzellar@thevalorcenter.org
“My duties include managing the entry and tracking of client data to comply with grants and operational processes. I was drawn to Valor because of its mission to provide relevant, real-life solutions for those in crisis situations from a Biblically-based perspective, always with the intent to empower rather than enable. Each day at Valor, I am privileged to work together with my peers as we strive to bring the power of the Gospel and the love of Christ to those who feel that their lives are hopelessly broken.”
Tony Guessford
Case Worker
Email: tony.guessford@thevalorcenter.org
“I love people more than my own life and that love comes because of Christ’s love for me. Everything I do at Valor, I do with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength. As I work with clients, I want them to see the light of Christ in me so they leave different than when they came in. Being a volunteer gives me a sense of peace and completeness as to who I truly am in Christ.”
Headshot Alan Smith July 2015 Headshot Denise Miller 2
Pastor Alan Smith
Email: alan.smith@thevalorcenter.org

“I have been taught all my life to help others when you can. In my adult years, God has put a concern in my heart for those who are hurting. I decided to volunteer at Valor because I was impressed with the way the ministry addresses the whole person. I’ve learned that most of the problems with poverty have a deeper issue and Valor addresses those issues. I felt called to be here to help guide people so they can be self-sustaining.
Denise Miller
Email: denise.miller@thevalorcenter.org

“I am excited to once again to be
volunteering at Valor Ministries.  When I was involved at the start of this ministry in 2008, we were just a small Bible study group in a living room, seeking to grow in the Lord and serve Him.  Now, Valor has grown to assist many individuals and families in Washington County in a variety of ways. I was led by the Lord to return this year, while recovering from having a brain tumor removed in January. I felt compelled to learn more about a class they were offering, called “Who Switched Off My Brain?”  This class made a huge impact on me and led me to want to teach and mentor others so that they could experience the peace and joy in their lives that I have been experiencing. Serving at Valor brings me great enjoyment, and I love helping the clients who walk through our doors.  It is a privilege and honor to serve God in this way.”
Bryan “Mac” Caldwell
Training and Volunteer Coordinator
Email: mac.caldwell@thevalorcenter.org

“God has given me a heart and passion to point the way to Jesus, walk the path of faith with others, feed the hungry, clothe those in need, loose the chains of injustice and set the oppressed free.  At Valor, I lead our training and volunteer teams, as well as financially mentor people who need help managing their money.  Serving at Valor provides the opportunity to live out my calling to the Great commission as a disciple of Jesus.”
Angela Jarvis
Email: angela.jarvis@thevalorcenter.org

“Matthew 10:39 comes to mind when I consider why I volunteer at Valor. It says, “If you cling to your life you will lose it but if you give up your life for me you will find it.” The Lord has told me that I am here on this earth on borrowed time, and that the time I have left does not belong to me—it belongs to HIM. Had the Lord not given me a second chance, I would have died from self-destruction or suicide.  I am very grateful the Lord rescued me from the pit of hell to set me apart in service to Jesus as His hands and feet of love. I find my purpose in Him alone and without Him I am nothing.”
Jennifer Ward
Trainer and Financial Mentor
Email: jennifer.ward@thevalorcenter.org

“When I was given the opportunity to be a part of the team at the Valor Crisis and Training Center, I knew it was God at work. My desire at Valor is to follow my heart to serve and help others to be empowered, successful and restored by faith.”
Jenny Stoner
Administrative Assistant
Email: Email: jenny.stoner@thevalorcenter.org

“I have been taught all my life to help others when I can.  I decided to join the team at Valor because not only do they help people in need they empower the people to learn and help them take care of themselves.  It gives me great joy to help others.”

Michelle Jardine
Case Worker
Email: michelle.jardine@thevalorcenter.org

“I felt led to Valor once I learned what their mission, vision, and purpose was.  I am excited to be serving at the center because I enjoy helping others.”

Karen Kays
Email: karen.kays@thevalorcenter.org

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Carrie Nairn

Project Specialist
Email: carrie.nairn@thevalorcenter.org

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