Valor Ministries (a division of Women of Valor Ministries, Inc. ) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Christian public charity called to embrace people with the life-changing love of God.  In partnership with the community, we provide educational, resource, and support services that empower people to move from crisis to thriving.  Our primary focus is serving the needs of low-income, homeless and near homeless individuals and families within Washington County.  We work to promote self-sufficiency for our clients as well as improve their quality of life and economic viability.

Our services are offered year-round, as funding allows.  To enhance the local capacity to meet the needs of our target clients, faith based providers play a critical role in meeting the gap between demand and capacity.


As a Christ-centered ministry, we strive to make lasting contributions in our community by providing effective solutions to all people–with an emphasis on both the low-income and homeless population of Washington County.  We will be a model of excellence known by our Christian faith and our love for God’s people in need, and a leader in innovative partnerships with community organizations.


Our Christian faith is the foundation for life and Valor Ministries.  We are dedicated to God and to serving others so they might know Him.   We exist to replicate Jesus’ mission on earth by bringing the good news of Christ to the poor in spirit.  Because we understand what God has done for us, we strive to reach out to all people, including those society would look down upon.


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