GateKeepers LogoOur re-entry services are designed to help ex-offenders reach self-sufficiency so they will be less likely to re-offend.  We do that through a case management, education, and mentoring approach.  Our case managers’ help clients focus on the underlying issues that are keeping them stuck in a crisis or vulnerable state and then look for ways to help them make positive changes to reach stability.

We also encourage and assist them in their effort to increase their income through employment.  We teach them life skills that focus on an individual’s personal qualities, habits, and attitudes which determine how they do things and relate to other people. To many employers, these skills are just as or more important than hard skills. They are good indicators of how successful a prospective employee will be on the job.

Our center also offers a computer lab for our clients’ use. The lab creates an environment for self-paced learning. It is also a tool for quick and easy access to secure sustainable employment and professional development. Our Draped with Confidence boutique compliments our efforts by empowering men and women in their determination to transition from training programs, unemployment and/or under-employment to self-sufficiency by providing free professional clothing and training workshops.

Another component to positive and long-lasting change is mentoring.  Our mentors work one-on-one with the client to improve their self-esteem, social competence, and ability to avoid problem/high-risk behaviors.  They are not trained counselors or mental health professionals, they are trusted friends who encourage clients to reach their fullest potential.

Visit for more information on services provided to ex-offenders.  Re-Entry Guide below.


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