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The Valor Center Life Development Classes

The Valor Center offers a diversified curriculum of life development courses structured to teach the life skills needed to overcome obstacles, and achieve victory in everyday situations.

Today, more than ever, people are struggling to overcome obstacles in their everyday lives.  Unemployment, the economy, overwhelming debt, self-doubt, and health issues are all complications that can “freeze” people in their current situations.  Many people have the talent and ability to achieve success, but lack the tools or knowledge to move forward.  The Valor Center has rolled out a comprehensive schedule of free classes that will provide people with the life skills they need to overcome obstacles standing in their way to succeed in life.

Area business leaders provide instruction in their respective areas of expertise.  Classes cover a range of topics from the basics of getting organized and healthy to more complex subjects such as managing finances, overcoming fear and worry, preparing for a job interview and effective communication.  All subjects are taught with biblical principles as the foundation of the educational content.

The Valor Center’s Life Development Classes are held at our training center located at 223 N. Prospect Street, Suite 403, Hagerstown, and are open to men and women 16 years old and above.   Most classes are FREE.  Registration is preferred due to limited class size, however walk-ins are welcome.  To register, visit our registration page located on the drop down menu under the “Valor Center” menu tab.

Classes held at The Valor Center may be videotaped.  You will be asked to sign a Photograph & Video Release Form upon checking in at each class.  By signing this form, you give your permission for photographic images or video recordings of you to be electronically displayed via the Internet, in promotional videos, or in public educational and informational settings.

If you‘d like more information about The Valor Center’s resources, please call (240) 329-9387 or email