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A partnership between Valor Ministries and Citizens Assisting and Sheltering the Abused (CASA)

ASPIRE is a new program that is tailor-made for domestic violence victims and abusers.  Through positive interactions with staff from each organization, participants re-discover their worth and potential in a safe and non-judgmental environment and determine practical next steps toward self-improvement and self-sufficiency.

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Clients make a personal investment in obtaining instruction and guidance from Valor to help chart their own course forward. In exchange for attending specially-tailored life development classes, clients can earn 20-ride bus vouchers for the Washington County Commuter, as well as funds to obtain a state ID or birth certificate if needed. This “earn while you learn” approach helps clients to experience a sense of accomplishment and to reaffirm that they are capable of investing in their life to make positive changes happen. Clients with infants may also attend classes to earn diapers & baby wipes, and may earn credits from attending ongoing classes toward receiving car seats, cribs, and strollers.



Through positive interaction with Valor staff, clients begin to transition from crisis to thriving. Special emphasis is placed on helping the client to re-discover their worth and potential in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Valor’s focus is on the client as an individual, understanding that each person’s circumstances and experiences will uniquely influence the challenges they face as they move forward with life.



Valor staff works with the client to determine practical next steps toward self-sufficiency. With an extensive collection of resources and referral options within Washington County, Valor connects clients with appropriate providers to help address needs outside the scope of Valor’s services. Through a strategic partnership with Potomac Case Management Services, Valor can offer an escorted referral for clients experiencing emotional or mental health difficulties, and all clients will receive “Overcoming Barriers to Employment and Training”, a guide intended to provide a roadmap for job readiness and seeking meaningful, ongoing employment.



Through classes designed to examine the value of healthy, balanced boundaries, clients can take steps toward establishing parameters to help them live in a way that is true to themselves and not catering to the influences of toxic relationships. For clients with children, or for those who anticipate having children in the future, a class is available to lay the groundwork for determining clear but loving boundaries for parenting. Valor works to instill practical guidance to help clients overcome the constraints of their past experiences and to envision a life based on good choices and healthy, safe interactions with others.



In situations where finding affordable housing is a challenge, Valor staff works with the client to explore rental options within Washington County, including the compilation of weekly property listings tailored to the needs of the client. Clients are provided with a link to a comprehensive housing assistance workbook with in-depth information about local resources, including connection to the Hagerstown Housing Authority and Housing Authority of Washington County to pursue the possibilities of Section 8 assistance (if appropriate). Clients who obtain a pre-lease for a new property may also be considered for possible financial assistance toward first month’s rent or security deposit.



Valor’s services equip clients with tools to work toward developing a sustained and self-sufficient life. For those who are interested, Valor can provide Personal Development Coaching to work with clients to evaluate their self-sufficiency on a deeper level and to determine key areas to focus on for further growth. Coaches can also provide spiritual mentoring and referral to churches to help establish and connect the client to a faith community.

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Let's Work Together

To enroll in the program, you first need to meet with CASA's Point of Contact to discuss the program.  From there, you will complete and sign a Referral Form/Release of Information document.  Once that is received by Valor, our Client Navigator will contact you to schedule your first appointment.  To find out more, contact us at 240-329-9387 ext. 284 or send us a message thru the CHAT box below.

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