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Finding Peace

Sometimes you have to go through the tough seasons to reach your season of peace!

My husband said this to me a year ago. I was going through an incredibly difficult and hurt filled season of life. I had been a part of an organization for many years, doing many every part of my heart, soul, mind, and time into seeing that others in need were in some way helped.

I was teetering a fine line of burn out mixed with the attitude of just keep going and just ignore the problems arising. In the middle of all of this, close relationships with others began falling apart. Eventually many things collided and I walked away...leaving so much of what I held near and dear to my heart behind in search of not just a physical rest but a spiritual one as well.

"Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." — John 14:27 NIV

When we are overwhelmed with situations or actions taking place in our lives, a tiredness comes upon us. Our minds grow weary. Our hearts grow complacent. Maybe there's bitterness existing at not understanding the why's of what we're going through or the regrets we may hold asking why we didn't pay better attention to what was around us. Those very things that could have potentially kept and protected us from the eventual upheaval in our lives occurring. Our souls may be filled with an ache we sometimes cannot adequately put into words for others to understand. As this soul filled and often times spiritual tiredness envelopes us, so too does a physical tiredness we have no explanation for.

But see our peace doesn't come just by a recovering of a physical tiredness. Our peace comes only in and from the one who created us. Better stated -- our peace is found only in our resting in God. That may look very different for each of us but the similarity is that ultimately we will only find the peace we so long for from God.

What I've learned in the last year hasn't been just about recovering from a physical burnout but a spiritual one as well because what I'm finding is that God is moving me forward while also helping me to let go of what was to embrace next what He has in store. All while finding peace by resting in Him.

Learning to understand where true peace comes from is to acknowledge from whom it comes...from the One who gives it and teaches us that the peace we search for is found by letting our hearts, minds, and souls rest in God's embrace!

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