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Uniquely Crafted

God doesn't just want to heal us. He wants to make us whole.

To deal with our hurts and struggles by not dealing with them is not the way to handle or heal from what brings us pain. If we don't deal with our issues, we will struggle throughout life unless we rely on something much greater than ourselves. Seeking God in all we do and all we go through vastly helps to bring resolution, redemption, peace, strength, assurance, and wholeness into otherwise difficult situations, pain, heartache, doubt, and uncertainty.

Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. Hebrews 11:1 (NIV)

God doesn't just want to heal us. He wants to make us whole. Imagine living life as a deeply cleansed and absolute whole individual! It's important to have a faith greater than ourselves to know that even in the unseen... even in the doubt... even in the feelings of not being enough that God doesn't just heal, restore, and redeem us but God makes us whole.

It's knowing that, although we walk through and sometimes want to hide out from our life, belief and trust in God gives us what we need to put the pieces of our lives together. It's letting the pieces of the messy, sometimes strewn all over the place, puzzle be uniquely crafted. It's understanding that whatever we go through God weaves and tenderly puts us back together forming a much stronger and changed whole person.

It's an understanding that intricately woven in His time like pieces of a puzzle we don't think will fit together to make a whole, God lays a path before us. Though we may not see the big picture or completed puzzle just yet, each piece is designed to perfectly fit and work together to move us forward into wholeness... like pieces of a puzzle specifically designed to create something uniquely beautiful and whole!

Would you like some help putting the puzzle pieces of your life back together? If so, Valor wants to help! We offer two life-changing books, You Were Made to THRIVE: 7 Strategies to Move You From Crisis to THRIVING and the companion Goal Setting Workbook. These books are designed to help you start living the life you always dreamed of. You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve once you start putting these strategies into action. You can find more information or purchase the books at

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