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Valor's Housing Program is Expanding

Updated: May 22, 2021

We help clients find affordable rental housing, determine how much rent they can afford, know their fair housing rights, and more.

We have been working hard to expand and improve our housing counseling efforts. We recently developed a rental assistance workbook that is a compilation of pertinent and timely information to aid clients in their search for rental housing.

“Often, evicted families also lose the opportunity to benefit from public housing because Housing Authorities count evictions and unpaid debt as strikes when reviewing applications. And so people who have the greatest need for housing assistance—the rent-burdened and evicted—are systematically denied it.”Matthew Desmond, Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City

How can Valor Help?

Besides the workbook, we work with clients to develop household budgets, determine what they can afford to pay for rent, establish if they are eligible for assistance, apply for rental assistance, and identify an appropriate unit. We also teach them their rights and responsibilities and good rental practices such as obtaining rental insurance and maintaining a healthy home.

Our case workers, if asked, can also provide significant support to renters once they have rented a unit. In some cases, affordable housing residents may need help understanding their rights and responsibilities under the terms of a lease, or they may need assistance pertaining to landlord-tenant disputes. Tenants’ responsibilities may include meeting security deposit obligations, providing the landlord access to the premises, paying rent in a timely manner, and following payment procedures. When tenants and landlords are in conflict, case workers can help tenants by making referrals to legal aid organizations.

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